LEUCO t3-System cutters with triangular turnover knife inserts

The new t3-System shank-type cutter is used on CNC machines and joinery machinery.
The new t3-System shank-type cutter is used on CNC machines and joinery machinery.

Application examples: Chip-free spiral plunge-cutting, rabbeting and chamfering
Application examples: Chip-free spiral plunge-cutting, rabbeting and chamfering

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Turnover insert tools re-imagined

The newest member of the LEUCO cutterhead program, the "t3-System cutter" enables joining, rabbeting and sizing of solid wood and wood-based materials even when space is limited. The cutters produce shoulder- and chip-free joining and rabbet surfaces coupled with a simultaneously high cutting performance.

The t3-System cutterhead for CNC machines has a variety of uses. With its special arrangement of cutting edges, absolutely chip-free joining and rabbet surfaces can be produced when compared with other spiral cutterheads. For use in door and furniture manufacturing, for instance, this means less rework. This is beneficial, for instance, when producing door rabbets. Spiral plunge-cutting also allows production of small cutouts. This, in turn, allows tenon and special joints to be created. With its compact, slim design, the tool is ideal for cut-ting of free forms such as round curves or string wreaths in stair construction.

In long-time tests, the "t3-System" not only confirmed quality expectations, it clearly exceeded them. The t3-System finds its field of use on CNC machines for solid wood processing and on joinery machinery in applications ranging from demanding craftsmanship to industrial applications with high output requirements. In addition to the catalog program, other dimensions are available on request.

LEUCO patent pending for cutting edge arrangement

The triangular turnover knife with rounded edges allows the shear angle for the draw cut be set perfectly, thereby preventing formation of offsets at the overcuts. In addition, thanks to the triangular shape the shear angle can be set so that outstanding surface and edge processing can be achieved when joining and rabbeting; furthermore, the rear side of the cutter does not protrude. It is precisely this feature that distinguishes the t3-System from other spiral cutterheads. With square turnover knives, the outermost cutting edge always pulls towards the edge. This cutting direction results in poorly cut edges. This problem does not occur with the t3-System. The triangular turnover knife inserts are positioned such that the shear angle always pulls in the correct direction. The optimized axis angle of the t3 cutting edge results in low cutting pressure. This not only enables high cutting performance, but also leads to low wear of the carbide turnover knife insert.

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